Abrekbabra Supervisor Awarded €9,500 For Unfair Dismissal-‘Forgot to Pay’ for Food

An Abrekebabra supervisor, accused of consuming food on the premises without any record of the food having been purchased, wins €9,500 for unfair dismissal.

Supervisor since 2006-given a number of verbal warnings-CCTV footage showing him consuming food-no record of payment-supervisor claimed he ‘forgot to pay’-attempted to pay next day-breach of trust-one month’s notice and dismissed-no letter to claimant confirming dismissal-supervisor denied receiving verbal warnings-agreed received written warning-direct conflict of evidence between parties-‘lack of proper procedures’ in effecting dismissal-no formal invitation to dismissal meeting-no investigation-no letter to claimant confirming dismissal-no opportunity to appeal-did not receive full notice entitlement-unfairly dismissed.


For claimant: Himself

For respondent: company director

Decision published: 28th May, 2013

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