Employer Loses Appeal against Rights Commissioner Award of €8,000 Wages Due to Employee

An employer loses his appeal against the decision of a Rights Commissioner to award €8,000 compensation to an employee in respect of wages under the company sick pay scheme due to the appeal being outside the 6 weeks allowed.

Rights Commissioner decision 5th June, 2010-employer lodged appeal dated 22nd July, 2010-only received by the Employment Appeals Tribunal on 4th August, 2011-Payment of Wages Act 1991-appeals to be initiated within 6 weeks of decision-appeal not lodged in time-Tribunal has no discretion to hear case-Rights Commissioner decision affirmed-€8,000 awarded to employee in respect of wages due under company sick pay scheme.

For Employer: Terry Cummins, IBEC

For Employee: Brendan Byrne, UNITE

Date of decision: 10th April, 2013

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