Early Retirement Applicant Loses Unfair Dismissal Claim-Bullying and Lack of Training Alleged

A claimant who applied for and was granted early retirement loses her unfair dismissal claim as she fails to prove she was justified in resigning due to difficulties in work.

Clerical worker-dismissal in dispute-accepted early retirement-claimed to be dyslexia sufferer-alleged she was bullied and laughed at-requested training-was it reasonable for her to terminate employment?-claimed she accepted retirement due to conduct of employer-claimant felt undermined by failure to provide training-felt she had no option but to resign-claimant gave evidence of bullying-internal procedure-claim to the Labour Court-no bullying found-1995 letter very relevant if claimant resigned then-Tribunal not convinced dyslexia reported to employer-difficulties with pension entitlements and back pay resolved-did not justify resignation-claim must fail.

Date decision published: 9th November, 2012

For claimant: In person

For respondent: William Fry Solicitors

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