Creche Worker’s Week Cut from 5 Days to 3-Wins €10,000 for Constructive Dismissal

A crèche worker (child minder), whose working week was cut from 5 days to 3 due to the financial pressure on the employer, wins €10,000 for constructive dismissal.

Creche worker since 2006-employer wanted to introduce 10% pay cut-claimant refused to sign letter consenting to wage cut-claimant’s working week cut to 3 days-40% reduction in pay-her contract stated “normal working week will be 5 days”-claimant certified unfit to work by her doctor-eventually resigned-did not invoke grievance procedure-Tribunal to look at whether there was a “significant breach of the employment contract”-Tribunal finds that “employee was singled out following refusal to sign letter”-that employer then unilaterally altered the terms and conditions of the employment contract-reduced working week from 5 days to 3-reduced wages by 40%-Tribunal found that the claimant was constructively dismissed.

Decision published: 19th June, 2013

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